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My name is Saul. I love playing guitar, fight, go out and drink with my friends. I have faith in the old Norse gods. I live in Brazil, studying law at Catholic University and working as a secretary in a company. Love games like assassins creed, god of war, devil may cry, world of warcraft, diablo, kof, and many many others! I play rpg with my friends on Sunday. Study runes whenever I have time. I can not name a favorite band, but few can say that I love.

Foo fighters, strokes, nirvana, alice in chains, ac / dc, guns and roses, led, artic monkeys, aerosmith, Amon Amarth (addicted to it at the moment), manowar, some of the slip, some of the korn too, Black Sabbath, black label society, jimmy hendrix, pink floyd, slayer, Megadeath, matanza, the classic charlie Brown, the cure, david bowie, marilyn mason, some j-rocks like the pillows and LARC ciel, classic and rare link park songs, red hot some of the offspring, the who, beatles, sexy pistols, ramones, motorhead.

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Prayer to HeimdallStrength of the Aesir, Mighty Warder, Holiest of PowersI hail You. Keen Eyed Watchmanpoised upon the mighty bridge, keeping safe those to WhomYou have sworn Your duty, I honor You. Nothing may pass You.Nothing can overcome Your might. You are the inviolable Power,You the shining shieldstanding between the Gods and dissolution. Hail, Warder of Bifrost. Hail, Heimdall.

Prayer to Heimdall
Strength of the Aesir, 

Mighty Warder, 
Holiest of Powers
I hail You. 

Keen Eyed Watchman
poised upon the mighty bridge, 
keeping safe those to Whom
You have sworn Your duty, 
I honor You. 

Nothing may pass You.
Nothing can overcome Your might. 
You are the inviolable Power,
You the shining shield
standing between the Gods 
and dissolution. 

Hail, Warder of Bifrost. 
Hail, Heimdall.

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